About Us
STEAM2 Academy Director and Lead Instructor Kimberly Mann Bruch (BA, MA, TEFL) has been working with children in an array of educational settings for more than 15 years. Her work has ranged from education and outreach sessions at Native American Learning Centers and National Park Science sites via research projects at the University of California at San Diego to City of San Diego Recreation Centers and Public Libraries via Hopscotch San Diego. Contact her at - 858.336.0053 for details about this new and exciting mobile academy in San Diego County!

"...Ms Kim is genuinely kind, funny, playful and respectful and has always been very friendly to me as a parent. She is also multi-talented and the children are lucky that she can play piano and provide live music..." - Yelp Review

STEAM2 Academy sessions are focused on:
Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics, and Music.

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