STEAM2 Academy classes are focused on:
Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics, and Music

Summer Camps 2023. Our Summer 2023 is going to be a blast! Check out our Summer 2023 flyer for details and registration information!

Space Science
This session provides students a glimpse at the life of an astronaut aboard the International Space Station. They will also get to construct their own solar system model, gaze through a real telescope, and paint an amazing constellation masterpiece. This session's in-class fieldtrip features a virtual exploration of the Endeavor.

Amusement Park Science
Students will discover the physics behind designing rollercoasters and investigate the ups and downs of Newton's Three Laws of Motion. They will design their own roller coaster and learn how to use a data collection vest equipped with an accelerometer to measure the g-force of rides. They will also engineer a bottle accelerometer and the list continues!

Aerospace Engineering and Rocket Science
Blast off into the engineering land of air and space. Students will experiment with hands-on rocketry, parachutes, and activities involving the Mars Curiosity.

Zoology and Biology
Learn the basics of zoology, marine biology, wildlife biology and more through hands-on science, art, and technology activities. We'll design a marine habitat, engineer a wildlife preserve concept, learn fun oceanic and wildlife animal songs, and paint our favorite animal from this session's adventure.

Chemistry and Geology
This session includes building one of the world's greatest geologic wonders: a volcano! We'll also conduct some fun chemistry experiments such as concocting our own tie-dye colors for shirts, testing out some spa science (such as bubbles, bath salts, etc!), and engineering our own plaster molds for mixing and molding plaster art.

In addition to the above topics, these themes are available:

- Animal Science
- Art and Science of Tie-Dye Fabrics
- Bears
- Chocolate Science
- Dinosaurs
- Farm Science
- Five Senses
- Fondant Science
- Frogs
- Garden Science
- Geography: Where in the World?
- How Things Work: Sewing Machines
- Magnets
- Marine Biology: Tidepools
- Meteorology
- Paper Making
- Penguins
- Plaster Creation and Molding
- Spa Science
- Transportation: How Things Move
- Under the Sea: Whales!
- Vernal Pools: Home to Fairy Shrimp
- And More!

Custom Theme: If you have monthly themes at your site, we are happy to work with you on a complimentary session. For instance, if you are focused on "Snow", we have a great "Snow Science" session.

The STEAM2 Academy utilizes curriculum, hands-on activities, and equipment developed in conjunction with the NASA California Space Grant Consortium (CSGC), the National Science Foundation funded High Performance Wireless Research and Education Network (HPWREN), and the National Park Service Sea to Shining Sea (StSS).

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