Celebrating Childhood

logos For more than a decade, Ms. Kim has worked with the City of San Diego Parks and Recreation Department to offer a safe, affordable, and fun environment where children can draw, paint, sing, play, and learn so much from their international classmates. Our programs are specifically designed to help preschoolers (ages 3-6) get ready for "real" school. Ms. Kim provides a well-rounded curriculum that includes art, music, movement, science, language arts, pre-math, and pre-reading. Our classes offer a SAFE and FUN atmosphere for children to safely socialize with others, participate in circle time (including piano time!), and the list continues.

celebrating childhood

2024 Summer Camps. Summer is FUN, SAFE, and AFFORDABLE at the Carmel Valley Recreation Center! Check out our 2024 Summer Camps flyer for registration details.

2024-2025. We are planning a great school year at the Carmel Valley Recreation Center. Classes will begin in early September with details coming soon. Meanwhile, feel free to reach out to Ms. Kim at 858-336-0053 if you'd like to tour our classroom this summer.

Check out our reviews in our About Us section. You can also see our Tiny Tots webpages for curriculum details and call us at 858-336-0053 or email us at kimbruch@yahoo.com for details about our preschool classes - we look forward to hearing from you!

STEAM2 Academy Science Enrichment. We offer science enrichment classes for ages 3-6 at education sites such as schools, libraries, and recreation centers via our STEAM2 Academy.

City of San Diego Public Library Library Time. Thanks to funding from the City of San Diego's Public Library, we offer free Tiny Tots story and sing-a-long sessions at several public library branches; these include the first and third Tuesday at 6:30pm at the North University Community Library - come join the fun!

"What a great experience for my son!

He was one of the younger kids in Hopscotch. Kim and Michelle made him feel so welcome. They were really warm and nurturing with him. He asks for them still, even though it's over now.

I saw a growing difference in him. He was very shy and stayed with me in the beginning and at the end of the session he was doing things on his own.

I can't say enough great things about Hopscotch!

Thank you Kim and Michelle for being such an influential part of my son's life."

-Jennifer, Jordan's mom

Check out our current reviews in our About Us section, see our Yelp Reviews, find us on Facebook and Instagram, or watch our Hopscotch San Diego slideshow to learn more!

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