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October Tiny Tots Classes

Details regarding the flow of our classes are found on our Tiny Tots page.

This month we will focus on Animals - including Eric Carle's marvelously illustrated animals. We'll also learn about Beethoven and learn a few tunes composed by the famous musiciain. In addition to our usual activities, we'll focus our art projects on the following this month:

November 1-3:
Ocean Animals. Trace-a-fish, sequin seastars, shiny seahorses, marble painting, and the list continues...

November 6-10 (no class on Nov 11):
Farm Animals. Paint-a-horse, duck puppets, trace-a-farm-animal, and we're just getting started!

November 13-17:
Zoo Animals. Zoo collage, paper giraffe, creative peacocks, and oh-so-many fun zoo animals!

November 20-24:
Penguins Galore. What's the difference between a penguin and a puffin? We will learn that and more this week with our penguins curriciulum!

November 27-30:
Bears, Bears, and More Bears. A whole week of bears - ranging from pandas and sun bears to polar bears and more!

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