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"Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and say why not?" - Picasso

City of San Diego


We are currently dismissed for COVID-19 pandemic safety precautions. However, we will resume "in-person" class as soon as possible. Feel free to email Ms. Kim regarding our zoom circle times and you can also check out details regarding example schedules here.

Our classes meet from 9am-12pm at the Carmel Valley Community Center and we embrace students from an array of cultures from around the world. Parents can participate in the classes or they can drop off children and run errands, take an exercise class, or just relax for a few hours! Miss Kim and Miss Erin have more than 20 years of experience working with children from around the world and appreciate each student's individuality - we offer a unique experience for families that are looking for an international community.

The Tiny Tots classes are affiliated with the City of San Diego - we offer a safe, affordable, and fun environment where children can draw, paint, sing, play, and learn so much from their international classmates.

Our programs are specifically designed to help preschoolers (ages 3-5) get ready for "real" school. Miss Kim and the Hopscotch staff offer a well-rounded curriculum that includes art, music, movement, science, language arts, pre-math, and pre-reading. The Tiny Tots class provides a *fun* atmosphere for children to socialize with others both indoors and outdoors, learn how to stand in line, participate in circle time, and the list continues!

Registration is free and tuition includes instruction, materials for learning activities, art projects, musical instruments, and water.

Tiny Tots Activities...
With our intimate setting at City of San Diego Carmel Valley Community Center, children receive much one-on-one attention while creating their artwork and composing their musical masterpieces.

Meanwhile, outdoor playgrounds and fields coupled with the indoor gymnasium provide the perfect space for traditional children's games, floor exercises, introductory sports such as kickball, as well as simple yoga movements.

The same order of activities occurs each day, to give the children a sense of security and knowing what comes next. We begin our activities with free play; this encompasses self-directed play (e.g., puzzles, blocks, puppets, trains, dress-ups) and learning centers (e.g., geoboards, ABC/123 fun-sheets, book nook, music corner) that allow children to choose activities that help them adjust to the classroom.

piano Once everyone is settled into the Tiny Tots environment, we have a circle time with singing, learning games, and sharing. During this time, children experiment with percussion and stringed instruments as well as the keyboard. Music genres range from traditional children's songs, nursery rhymes, and classical music to jazz, bluegrass, folk, and the list continues.

painting Next, we have sequencing art time - using a range of art materials such as paints, chalks, clays, pastels, crayons, felt markers, and the like. Our projects include activities such as handmade musical instruments, artsy science experiments, puppets, windsocks, picture frames, and much more!

field Our art time transitions into snack and outdoor time (or gymnasium time), which includes freeplay, exercises, games, and an array of movement activities. Some of our favorite games are balloon racing, circle soccer, exercise dice, parachute play, animal yoga stretches, freeze dancing, giant bubbles, water games (weather permitting), tisket tasket, and of course - hopscotch. :)

artist of monthOnce we are finished up with our outside/gymn activities, we return to our Tiny Tots room and have a short manipulatives time (geoboards, clay, penmanship, tangrams, etc). A final circle time includes storytelling, puppetry, singing, review of our ABC/123 activities, and playing our instruments.


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